Lithium battery voltage

Lithium battery voltage is a measure of the battery one of the most important indicators of performance, which represents the lithium-ion battery positive and negative ends of the electric potential difference in a certain state. Following small make up the following nouns explanation to help you understand lithium battery voltage.
Nominal voltage, also known as the rated voltage, voltage in the battery during normal working process, lithium battery nominal voltage is 3.7V or 3.6V.
According to the different cathode materials for lithium ion battery, nominal voltage is different. Lithium cobalt oxide batteries nominal voltage of 3.7V, lithium manganese batteries nominal voltage of 3.8V; Li-NI-co-MN ternary materials of lithium-ion batteries nominal voltage only 5-3.6V. But with the improvement of the formula and structure, the lithium battery nominal voltage up to 3.7V; lithium iron phosphate battery nominal voltage minimum, only 3.2V, But this is a great material for lithium-ion battery, do not explode cycle performance is very good up to 2000   weeks.
Open circuit voltage, refer to lithium-ion batteries in open circuit condition   (Non-working), Electrical potential difference between the anode and cathode. Open circuit voltage of the lithium battery full status for4.2V and lithium battery manufacturer shipped voltage is set to 3.6~3.9V.
Operating voltage, lithium battery connected load after when there is current flowing through the circuit between the battery positive and negative electrical potential difference, also known as voltage. Lithium-ion batteries after the connected loads, because of the presence of ohm resistance and polarization over potential, lithium battery voltage are lower than the open circuit voltage.
Lithium battery voltage when charging the rechargeable batteries, lithium-ion battery charger output added to the ends of the battery voltage, that is 4.2V. We select Li-battery charger when you need to pay attention to the output voltage of the charger. Constant current charging mode is constant voltage.
The advantages of lithium-ion batteries so that it is widely used or even replace the nickel-metal hydroxide batteries. Single lithium battery voltage is 3.6V, is the nickel-metal hydroxide batteries 3 times. Through the explanation of the above terms, I believe that everyone has the lithium battery voltage with a better understanding.
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