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Lithium battery voltage

Lithium batteryvoltage is a measure of the battery one of the most important indicators of performance, which represents the lithium-ion battery positive and negative ends of the electric potential difference in a certain state. Following small make up the following nouns explanation to help you understand lithium battery voltage. Nominal voltage, also known as the rated voltage, voltage in the battery during normal working process, lithium battery nominal voltage is 3.7V or 3.6V. According to the different cathode materials forlithium ion battery, nominal voltage is different. Lithium cobalt oxide batteries nominal voltage of 3.7V, lithium manganese batteries nominal voltage of 3.8V; Li-NI-co-MN ternary materials of lithium-ion batteries nominal voltage only 5-3.6V. But with the improvement of the formula and structure, the lithium battery nominal voltage up to 3.7V; lithium iron phosphate battery nominal voltage minimum, only 3.2V, But this is a great material for lithium-ion battery,…